On a two-day tour, you will visit various digital transformation pioneers with other executives and us and learn how the Smart Factory as a tool for Operational Excellence is transforming the factory and business operations. You will experience first-hand how other companies are treading the path of Digital Transformation and how their effectiveness & efficiency has increased by extending Lean thinking with digital technologies. The direct comparison and discussion with other participants will give you an orientation on how to start the Digital Transformation in your company and how to follow the path to the Smart Factory.

Management, middle and senior executives from production and production-related IT and sales departments.

What participants say

"Very many suggestions, very practical, very open companies that are not afraid to answer all questions honestly.
"The diverse impressions need to be sorted and prioritized. My company should set out more urgently on the path toward digitization."
"Very good that the staff spoke very frankly from the field!"

What participants say about the tour

Many new approaches, technical solutions and organizational principles
Digitization enables the radical redesign of processes. But the process must lead!
Other companies are further ahead than we are in some respects. In successful companies, the clear vision always comes first.

SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive moves the world! As an international market leader in the field of drive technology and drive automation, SEW's motors, gear units, electric motors and associated services can be found in everything from airport logistics to the industrial process industry.

3.1 MRD €

Robert Bosch GmbH

For more than 130 years, the name "Bosch" has been associated with pioneering technology and groundbreaking inventions that have made history. Bosch is a global company that operates in a wide variety of fields.

78,7 MRD €

ifm Electronics

Ifm Electronics contributes to improving the living and working conditions of all people. To this end, ifm develops innovative Industry 4.0 solutions and corresponding software and cloud products to make existing company processes digitally usable.

1.2 MRD €


13.03.2023 – Day 1
Until 08:30
Individual arrival to Graben-Neudorf

09:00 – Visit 1
SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co KG

At SEW Eurodrive, you will experience the continuous development from Lean Excellence to Digital Excellence: With a clear vision and people at the center.

13:30 – Visit 2
Robert Bosch GmbH

At its Industrie 4.0 lead plant in Feuerbach, Bosch relies on networked logistics with smart supermarkets, automated material bookings, digitized milk runs, and fully autonomous ActiveShuttles. Bosch also relies on an automated production assistant that works hand in hand with human employees.

Abschluss Tag 1
Transfer zum Hotel, gemeinsames Abendessen
14.03.2023 – Day 2
Until 08:30
Transfer from hotel to Pfronten

09:00 Uhr – Besuch 2
ifm electronic GmbH

At ifm electronic you will see a comprehensive digitalization of the entire value chain. Starting with digital store floor management to worker assistance systems and autonomous production supply.

15:00 Uhr - Workshop

In einem gemeinsamen Workshop reflektieren wir die erfassten Eindrücke und diskutieren die Wirkmechanismen der smarten Use cases von SEW, Bosch und ifm. Außerdem bietet der Workshop Platz für die erste Einschätzung der Potentiale für die Unternehmen der Teilnehmer. Anschließend Rücktransfer nach Graben-Neudorf und gemeinsamer Abschluss

End of day 2
Afterwards, transfer back to Graben-Neudorf and joint conclusion.


1.890 Euro plus VAT incl. bus transfer, lunch, break catering and one overnight stay


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Andreas Schädle