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Dr. Peter Stephan

Senior Partner & Co-Founder

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Your company has decided to embark on a digital transformation. But what does this mean? And how can you get your company off to the best possible start for the digital transformation?

Top management and middle management often lack the necessary qualification and alignment, so that many transformation efforts already fail due to a common understanding of terms or a different understanding of the scope & impact of a digital transformation.
To help companies solve this problem, we have developed NEONEX Smart Starter, a two-part digital qualification series for top management and middle management.


NEONEX delivered a world-class VirtualXperience Digital Transformation program for our top management worldwide. Fantastic promotion and kick-off for our digitalization journey.

In our Smart Starter program, we will explore the following topics with you: What are the basics of a Smart Factory? How do Lean & Digital work together? What is digital waste? Which technologies are used in a Smart Factory? What are examples of industry pioneers? And what are the key success factors for your company?

The result? Your management team has a deep, unified (conceptual) understanding of digital transformation and is ready to start.

Have we sparked your interest? Our Senior Partner Dr. Peter Stephan is hosting a one-time demo of Smart Starter with a free presentation of the 'Lean & Digital' module. Feel free to sign up for free to learn if Smart Starter can help you get started in your company's digital transformation.

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