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Increasing customer demands and rising competition are putting previous success factors to the test. For this reason, manufacturing companies need future-proof operations strategies to ensure their success in the long term. But how can you strengthen your existing business model and create the operations of the future - and what role does digitalization play in this?

Many companies try to design future-proof and resilient operations as an important core of their supply chains in order to secure their corporate success. However, this often fails when it comes to defining the requirements for operations, the common understanding of terms by top management, or the combination of the existing (LEAN) production system with the future ( digitalized) value creation system and the optimal setup of the company organization.

With Performance Strategy, we help you define your operations strategy and strengthen your business model. With our many years of industry and consulting experience, we know success factors & dependencies in production, logistics, planning and control and we know the possibilities & opportunities of digitalization. The goal? To challenge the success factors of the past with risks and opportunities of the future and to design and shape the future with you by connecting technologies, people & IT.

Your path to Performance Strategy

Opportunities & Risks Analysis

Together with you, we analyze the social and technological trends and best practices relevant to you. Changing customer expectations are another element of the analysis.
Reflected in the internal conditions and corporate strategies, opportunities and risks for your operations strategy are derived from this.

The analysis helps to understand your business environment and the relevant future success factors of your operations in order to perfectly prepare the joint goal-setting workshop.

Target picture

In the second step, we define your target image "Smart Factory / Smart Operations 2030" together with your management team. What should your operations of the future look like? What supply chain strategy do you need? What does your path to the Smart Factory look like? And how do you create sustainable competitive advantages through your operations with your existing business model?

The defined vision will later also serve to pick up all relevant stakeholders in your company and bring them along during the implementation - a decisive factor in change management.

Derivation of value creation principles / design criteria

Based on the defined target picture, we work with you to derive the principles and design criteria for your performance strategy. This step is particularly important in order to optimally formulate the strategy and later break it down to the individual areas.

Global management alignment

In the next step, we work with you to create the alignment and thus the right basis for your transformation through a needs-based qualification of your top management & a unified understanding of concepts.

Strategy & roadmap development

After the alignment of your top management, we define together with you your concrete performance strategy with a concrete roadmap for implementation based on the analysis, the target picture and the design principles.

Derivation of the functional implementation strategy per business unit

After defining your overall operations strategy, we also support you in deriving the functional area strategies and mirroring them against the current organizational structure. For this purpose, we discuss and evaluate change opportunities and necessities together with you and thus form the guard rails for your upcoming, multi-year performance transformation.

Our approach

As a partner for your performance strategy, we support you with technical and management expertise and accompany you from the first step to the strategy derivation. In particular, our many years of operations, digitalization & IT experience help us to formulate realistic and actionable strategies.

Have we sparked your interest? Our experts look forward to discussing the possibilities of Performance Strategy for you in an initial meeting !

Your contact
Dr. Carsten Reise
Project Manager

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