Smart Factory Planning

A Smart Factory significantly increases the flexibility and efficiency of production - but the conception, planning and construction of a Smart Factory are a challenge. We accompany you from the initial idea through concrete planning to commissioning. With modern tools for data evaluation, planning and simulation, we offer you a new level of planning reliability.

Smart End-to-End Transformation

Digitalization opens up significant opportunities for your value creation. But how do you digitalize and optimize your existing factories and processes? We support you in increasing effectiveness and efficiency - from the strategy to the personal roadmap to the global roll-out of use cases.

Connected Supply Chain

How can you transform or specifically optimize your supply chain to sustainably strengthen your market position? We support you with analysis, strategy, implementation and performance measurement for transformation and optimization.

Digital Value Stream Design

The production planning of many companies is not agile enough to react to increased customer requirements at short notice. But how can you react sensibly to short-term additional requirements and guarantee faster delivery times? We help you to make your production more plannable with data-based value stream design.

Performance Strategy & Change

Rising customer demands and increasing competition are putting previous success factors to the test. For this reason, manufacturing companies need future-proof operations strategies to ensure their success in the long term. But how can you strengthen your existing business model and create the operations of the future - and what role does digitalization play in this?

Data Analytics

In today's complex production environments, cost reduction and revenue potential is rarely apparent at first glance. We use data from your production environment and modern analytics to help you realize rapid and sustainable improvements with minimal investment.

Industrial IoT

Increased competitive pressure and higher customer demands call for quick solutions to individual, acute problems in the operations of many companies. But how do you get to these solutions? With our IIOT applications, you can quickly achieve measurable results.

IT Systems & Architecture

In the digitalized production environment, IT systems and their architecture play a central role in the success of the company. Create a versatile IT organization with us that meets all future requirements.