Dr. Jochen Schlick, Senior Partner & Co-Founder
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Dr. Jochen Schlick
Senior Partner & Co-Founder

The production planning of many companies is not agile enough to react to increased customer requirements at short notice. But how can you react sensibly to short-term additional requirements and guarantee faster delivery times? We can help you make your production more predictable with data-driven value stream design.

The capacity utilization-driven production planning of the past confronts many companies with the problem that material flows are unplanned, production is inflexible and its planning is intransparent. The consequence? Unnecessarily high inventories, excessive lead times and the need for micromanagement in manufacturing - all while customers want faster delivery times and spontaneous adjustments to delivery quantities.

With our data-driven value stream design, we help you make your capacity planning more reliable and predictable, increase your on-time delivery & delivery capability, get a handle on your lead times, and reduce your capital lockup by reducing uncontrolled inventory build-up and shrinkage.

Steps to digital value stream design


In an appointment at your site, we look at your products & machines together with you to gain a sound understanding of your value creation. This appointment provides the basis for the subsequent data-based value stream design.

Data collection & analysis

In the next step, we collect and analyze your data for the value stream design. Particularly important are the bills of materials, routings, movement data, target times, utilization data, bottlenecks and data on your plants from your ERP system. We supplement this data, if available, with sales forecasts, piece count (fluctuations) from the last year and real-time data from your MES system.


Based on the collected data, we start unbundling the complexity and provide you with a first proposal for subdivision. This proposal contains your future supermarkets, their dimensioning and their control and lays out your control points and FiFos.

Supply chain strategy

After selecting the proposal, we work with you to determine which products you will manufacture Made-to-Stock or Made-to-Order and set your standard delivery times. The result is your finished value stream design.

Implementation of the value stream design

If you wish, we will be happy to help you implement the value stream designed with you. For this, the acceptance of your employees is particularly crucial - a fact that we take into account from day one through our change management and the involvement of your employees.

Our approach

The advantage of our data-driven approach based on your master and transaction data from ERP and MES systems is that we can work with you to look at your complete product portfolio and all assets - all value streams, not just proxies. As a result, we can work with you to identify the extent of all shared resources, ensuring greater accuracy with a lower error rate.

Through our implementation experience, we also help you implement the results of the digital value stream design with you on site and ensure acceptance by your employees through our change management.

The NEONEX Success Factors

Through our data-based approach, we achieve results with you quickly & reliably, eliminating errors that occurred in the past through proxy planning. We also support you in the successful implementation of your value stream design through consistent change management.

Make your production planning fit for the future. Opt for fast results with NEONEX Digital Value Stream Design: the conceptual planning of your manufacturing and its implementation.

Dr. Jochen Schlick, Senior Partner & Co-Founder
Your contact
Dr. Jochen Schlick
Senior Partner & Co-Founder

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