Technology transformation, labor shortages and fragile supply chains are just the latest manifestations of a challenging and constantly changing business environment that many industrial companies have to deal with. Especially for companies with ambitious growth targets, these conditions mean enormous complexity, which is further increased by volatile customer demands and growing product portfolios.

But how can you specifically optimize your production processes, material and information flows in this environment to enable rapid growth while maintaining your process efficiency?

Growth potential uncovered with the data-driven value stream method

Demand forecast: How are customer requirements changing?
Capacity optimization: Is the capacity still sufficient for the increasing demand in the future? Can the output quantity be increased without creating new capacities?
Inventories: Which stocks need to be built up in order to specifically cushion the forecast fluctuations in demand and processes?
Machine optimization: How can capacity utilization per machine be optimized through segmentation and routing?
Investment in machines: Which new machine(s) is/are best suited for the value stream?

In our paper, we have presented the advantages of our data-driven value stream method for industrial companies in growth scenarios and technology transformations. Click here to download: