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Increased competitive pressure and higher customer demands call for quick solutions for individual, acute problems in the operations of many companies. But how do you get to these solutions? With our IIOT applications, you can achieve measurable results quickly.

Many companies are under pressure to increase their overall efficiency through higher OEE, more efficient deviation management or increased transparency on their shopfloor. Previous measures based on assumptions and lack of transparency were often insufficient in this regard and new solutions have to be found now.

We support you with our innovative approach of Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) applications and professional know-how in the selective digitization or supplementation of your current digitization infrastructure with minimal investments for you. It doesn't matter whether you are just starting to digitize your company and are looking for a simple approach with manageable effort and risk, or whether you want to supplement your existing digitization solutions with the latest IIOT approaches to realize quick wins with minimal effort - we act as technology specialists in the installation and as sparring partners in joint coaching appointments.

The result is a fast, measurable and sustainable increase in efficiency in your operations and logistics through the rapid acquisition of relevant data and the creation of transparency - whether we complement your existing IT infrastructure or create a stand-alone solution. The high level of data transparency and our employee training ensure the acceptance of your employees.


Installation & Onboarding

In the first step, we install one of our IIOT applications for a selected use (e.g. on your bottleneck machine for OEE optimization, or on a production line for the installation of a Digital Heijunka Board) with you and create clarity about the measure in your team to ensure a smooth project flow.

For this, we analyze the downtime reasons for the OEE optimization or the data to be displayed on a Digital Heijunka Board together with you.

Roll-out to further machines/plants etc.

After a successful proof-of-concept, we prepare with you - if desired - the roll-out to further machines, lines or plants. To this end, we train your personnel and ensure a high level of acceptance right from the start.

NEONEX success factors

As a partner for your IIOT solution, we support you with technical and management expertise and accompany you from the concept to the roll-out. In doing so, we keep a special eye on your return on consulting and strive together with you for the sustainable optimization of your operations.

Our approach

In the field of IIoT, sensors minimally invasively attached to machines and systems deliver far-reaching possibilities for increasing efficiency, e.g. with regard to error detection and remote maintenance.

Achieve fast results with IIoT now.

Whether you're just starting your digital transformation or want to make a meaningful addition to your existing digitization solution: Feel free to contact our IIoT experts for a no-obligation initial consultation and start achieving measurable results quickly by applying IIoT.

Your contact
Kacper Pupin
Manager Digital Services

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