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Kacper Pupin

Manager Digital Services

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Industrial Internet of Things - Hype Technology or Real Opportunity for Manufacturing Companies?

In our IIoT Kick-Off Webinar, we will introduce you to the basic functionality of IIoT architectures and then present a wide range of IIoT use cases in operations. In addition to fast and minimally invasive deviation management for OEE optimization, IIoT also enables e.g. resource-efficient ergonomics or layout planning as well as effective remote factory management through a digital factory twin. To round off the IIoT overview, we will introduce you to some providers and explain in concrete terms how IIoT use cases are implemented on site. The webinar will then provide space for your individual questions. The webinar gives an application-oriented overview of the buzzword term IIoT. By joining, you lay the foundation for identifying and exploiting IIoT potential in your own company.



What IIoT is and how it can be applied


Cost efficiency and other advantages of IIoT applications


Use Cases from NEONEX project experience

Best Practices

Target pictures of pioneers

The right entry

Prerequisites for successful application

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