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In the digitalized production environment, IT systems and their architecture play a central role in the success of a company. From ERP to MES to Industrial Internet of Things platforms (IIoT platforms): Which systems are right for you? Join us in creating a transformative IT organization that meets all future requirements.

From cost center to profit center: Whereas in the past IT systems were often dismissed as cost centers, they are a decisive factor for the smart factory. This is where different applications converge, and this is where efficiencies result from the networking of the entire value chain. The responsibility for IT development therefore by no means lies solely with the IT department. Rather, operations and IT must work together to determine, understand and value the backbone of modern value creation in order to achieve sustainable benefits.

But which systems are really fit for the future? ERP, MES, microservice platforms: Many responsible parties are faced with the question of whether and how their current infrastructure and application landscape can meet the increasing demands of customers, competition and data protection. In many places, the interfaces have increased due to different applications and are now to be standardized in order to avoid waste and increased maintenance efforts. And when the future concept is in place, the biggest challenges often follow: Stringent vendor selection and, in particular, the implementation of IT systems often present companies with unforeseen challenges.

To ensure that the IT infrastructure does not become a stress factor, but rather a competitive factor, a clear focus should be placed on the functions to be mapped and the resulting requirements right from the start. Because: An IT system is only as efficient as the processes behind it. Our NEONEX industry experts therefore support you in the structured target definition, requirements analysis and evaluation of your existing systems based on your value-added processes. In addition, an in-depth market overview enables us to make a well-founded vendor selection and smooth implementation involving management, operations and IT.

The path to IT architecture 4.0


We work with you to determine an IT architecture based on your requirements from operations and IT as well as strategic considerations. In addition, our IT experts evaluate whether your current software and hardware configuration will efficiently meet future requirements. Optionally, we also analyze your operations processes themselves - because an IT system is only as good as the processes it represents. At the end of the assessment, you will have a clearly outlined future concept for your IT. The assessment is the first step towards standardizing heterogeneous systems that have grown over time, or setting up IT systems that are as efficient and value stream-oriented as possible right from the start.

  • Analysis (and optimization, if necessary) of your value stream processes
  • Analysis and evaluation of existing hardware and software configurations with regard to their future viability
  • System health check: analysis of legacy systems at code level
  • Establishment of an IT future concept incl. designation of required classes of software and hardware as well as organizational concept for the optimal distribution of IT resources taking into account the corporate strategy
  • Integrative inclusion of IT and operations, decision-making in management

Supplier selection

In Germany, there are over 150 MES providers and more than twice as many ERP providers. But which system is the right one for you? Should you rely on the market power of the industry giant or choose the specialized niche provider? Using our domain, process and industry knowledge, we organize a structured selection process and identify the solution that best meets your individual requirements.

  • Selection process for ME & ERP systems and IIoT platforms
  • Identification of individual requirements with the involvement of all stakeholders
  • Multi-stage evaluation process with long and short list
  • Takeover or accompaniment of selection interviews with vendors by NEONEX
  • "Vendor selection days" with personal presentation of the shortlisted vendors


After assessment and vendor selection, the selected systems are introduced. For this purpose, existing systems must be partially replaced or several systems must be integrated. NEONEX supports you with a clear implementation plan for the technical connection (by NEONEX itself or by selecting suitable service providers). We also ensure acceptance of the new systems throughout the company through onboarding and training.

  • Preparation of a detailed implementation plan
  • Support with the technical connection
  • Onboarding and training for operational anchoring in the company

Even if you have not implemented the upstream steps together with NEONEX, we are happy to step into the process at this point and act as ad-hoc support in the event of acute problems.

The NEONEX Success Factors

Through our experience in industry and consulting, we know that three things matter when defining and implementing a future-proof IT architecture:

  1. optimal operations processes as a basis
  2. evaluation of different technologies and systems under IT aspects
  3. focused and goal-oriented cooperation between operations, IT and management

We are not an IT system house, but an independent management consultancy with in-depth expertise on the process and system side. Therefore, our focus is not on technology or even a favored solution, but on the individual situation of your company with all underlying goals, processes and people.

We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to make your IT the driver of your value creation and thus set an important milestone for your digital transformation. We are happy to support you with our holistic process, system and change expertise in your individual situation. Book a no-obligation initial consultation with our experts now.

Dr. Peter Stephan, Senior Partner & Co-Founder
Ihr Ansprechpartner

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