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A smart factory significantly increases the flexibility and efficiency of production – but getting to a truly smart factory can be a challenge. We accompany your smart factory from the initial idea through the planning process up to the implementation. With modern tools for data evaluation, planning and simulation, we offer a new level of planning reliability.

The value creation of manufacturing companies is more than ever characterized by short product life cycles, decreasing batch sizes and complex supply chains. Many managers are unsure how factory design can meet the changing requirements in the long term. A smart factory, in which the combination of people and digital technologies ensures competitiveness, is the solution. But how do you actually plan a smart factory?

Our proven approach combines application-oriented lean processes with state-of-the-art technologies – in the planning phase and in the actual smart factory. Across the End-2-End process, our experts combine their structural process planning and supply chain know-how with valuable insights from data-based applications. Based on lean principles, digitization provides the link between physical informational and supporting flows. In this way, we help you to develop a future proof and highly competitive factory.

Your path to a Smart Factory

Goals and principles

A clear shared vision of the future factory forms the basis of every smart factory. Your production strategy and initial principles can be derived from this vison, e.g. for the IT infrastructure or the degree of automation you are aiming for. A cost calculation coordinated within the company concludes the first phase of planning.

  • Vision of the "factory of the future”
  • Growth strategy and location
  • Production strategy
  • Degree of automation
  • Ideal process logic for in-house production and logistics
  • Enterprise and IT infrastructure
  • Data strategy
  • Cost calculation and feasibility study

Factory layout

Based on an automated value stream mapping, the planning of the factory layout starts. Together, we specify the optimal value stream and space structure, an efficient material flow as well as modern production and logistics processes.

  • Intelligent value stream design
  • Determination of the ideal layout variant
  • Dimensioning and requirements for a key plant and equipment
  • Real layout variant planning and macro material flow
  • Comparison of investment and operating cost calculation
  • Systematic evaluation and selection of the target real layout
  • Smart factory concept, implementation roadmap

Smart Operations System

After defining the optimal process structure, this step is about the actual design of your Smart Factory. Together with you, we select the future IT infrastructure and technology solutions for process automation and networking in planning, production and logistics. The design of the workstations according to LEAN and SMART principles completes your production system. Detailed 3D planning and the possible addition of VR technology offers you a particularly comprehensible visualization of your future factory.

  • Smart production and assembly planning and workplace design
  • Production and warehouse logistics
  • End-2-End digital use case design and factory intelligence
  • Production planning and execution, ERP and MES, ...
  • IIoT, machine networking and process automation
  • Production system, lean and smart organization, digital store floor management
  • Supplier selection support, tactical implementation steps

Onboarding and Shopfloor-Management

After the construction and commissioning of the Smart Factory, an integrative onboarding of your employees and managers is an essential step for the acceptance and effective use of your new systems. We guide your employees through the process and anchor an effective system for deviation management in all direct areas.

  • (Remote) Onboarding: Qualification of employees, establishment of processes
  • Real-Time Shopfloor Management
  • Deviation management in direct areas
  • No-code app implementation for production and logistics

Virtual Management

Congratulations, your Smart Factory is up and running and your vision of a connected and flexible factory has become reality. We are happy to accompany you beyond the original factory planning project in the future development of your factory, e.g. by giving qualification workshops, technology consulting and developing pilot projects for new digital use cases, using state-of-the-art planning and simulation tools.

  • Technology consulting and qualification of employees
  • Implementation of pilot projects for our customers
  • System architecture and data management design
  • Digital twin use case design and roadmap

Our approach

Not only production itself, but also the process of factory planning is undergoing a transformation: classic approaches and "one-time planning" fall short because the factory is constantly evolving after its initial setup. Therefore, we do not refer to factory planning as a static, to-be-completed task, but as a continuous activity. At NEONEX, we use modern applications from areas such as augmented reality, data analytics and laser scanning from the early planning process on to ensure transparency and speed in decision-making. In other words: Smart right from the start.

Increase your competitiveness by building a smart factory and opt for smart factory AND smart planning with NEONEX Smart Factory Planning:

  • Data-based decision making
  • Integration of all relevant stakeholders
  • Strong process orientation
  • Pragmatic implementation plan
  • High process flexibility
  • Qualification of internal staff for modern digital tools

Your contact
Thomas Rohrbach
Managing Director & Co-Founder

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