How can you transform or specifically optimize your supply chain to sustainably strengthen your market position? We accompany you with analysis, strategy, implementation and success measurement in transformation and optimization.

Globalization and digitalization pose new challenges to the supply chains of almost all companies: Strong competitive pressure due to significantly increased transparency, shorter product life cycles, the trend towards individualized products and global supply chains entail high risks for companies.

Sensible and necessary adjustments to supply chains have often not kept pace with these changes. Formerly good processes are thus no longer in line with the market and often inefficient. When unexpected events occur, this manifests itself in poor delivery performance, high false inventories, and high manual planning and scheduling efforts. It also results in micro-management, which manifests itself in the discussion of inadequacies with customers in sales, high procurement costs for raw materials and components in purchasing, and inefficiencies in the entire operation due to permanent rescheduling, along the entire supply chain. Against this background and the resulting changes in costs and risks, existing processes and structures need to be reviewed and realistically evaluated

Together with you, we build your supply chain in a future- and customer-oriented way so that it becomes adaptable and robust to change. To achieve this, we understand your supply chain holistically and include all affected business processes. Our approach is data-centric, agile and uses digital technologies wherever it makes sense.

Supply Chain Transformation

Qualification and alignment

In the first step, we offer you and your employees the opportunity of qualification and alignment to start successfully into the project. In doing so, we train your top management and core team in our Smart Starter program to achieve a common professional alignment. The Smart Starter program consists of Smart Management Bootcamp, a high-intensity training for your C-level, and Smart Qualification Lab, an interactive training for all employees.

In each case, we ensure successful project management. If agile project management is goal-oriented, we train you and your employees in the methods required for this and create a common understanding of terms for a smooth process.


In our End-2-End Potential Analysis we analyze potentials, gaps and possible risks together with you. The goal is to establish horizontal and vertical networking throughout the entire supply chain. Based on the results, we develop smart use cases and a ranking matrix with you, which is used to evaluate the use cases and determine the first implementation steps.

We then work with you to develop a customer-specific digital self-assessment that shows which measures are necessary to lay the foundation for the successful introduction of the use cases. This self-assessment will also help you later to determine prioritization and sequence and to be able to regularly measure the implementation progress.

Optionally, we analyze your IT architecture and infrastructure to identify whether and how your IT architecture and infrastructure needs to be developed and possibly supplemented with additional software and hardware.

Strategy development

Based on the analyses, we work with you to develop a strategy and target picture for the planning and transformation of your supply chain. This is the prerequisite for the common understanding of all stakeholders and a common direction of travel.

In this step, we also work with you to define a roadmap for the selected use cases and establish framework conditions and success factors for successful implementation.

Roll-out planning and implementation

Based on the self-assessment at your sites, we work with you to develop a plan for the roll-out. Together with you, we select the right use cases for your other plants or sites and prioritize the implementation.

In addition, we train your roll-out teams, take over agile project management and project tracking ideally according to the "train the trainer" principle.

Use Case implementation

Based on the analysis and the formulated strategy, we quickly develop and implement the first use cases in the pilot project together with you. For this we use our proven approach, which promises a clean and successful implementation.

  • Use case conception
  • Design of the future process
  • Alignment of the process with the IT requirements
  • IT / system supplier selection
  • Implementation plan
  • Agile implementation of the use cases
  • Go-Live and Hyper Care
  • Continuous improvement

Performance measurement

Even after the roll-out has been completed, we support you with lessons learned and next steps. In addition, we accompany your continuous improvement process.

The NEONEX Success Factors

Our many years of supply chain and lean management experience as in industry and consulting, combined with deep know-how from our transformation projects and in change management, are important success factors to build your supply chain agile, scalable and resilient. For this, we start at the core of your value creation processes with planning and implementation to achieve results quickly & efficiently.

Make your supply chain fit for the future. Decide with NEONEX Connected Supply Chain for sustainable process improvements through the smart use of Industry 4.0 technologies.