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In today's complex production environments, cost reduction and revenue potentials are rarely apparent at first glance. Consequently, huge potentials lie dormant in many companies. We use data from your production environment and modern analytics methods to help you realize fast and sustainable improvements in results with minimal investment.

From material movements in ERP systems to feedback from production orders to measured values or process parameters from machines. In all factories and supply chains - regardless of the degree of digital transformation - more useful data is already collected than many managers realize. When smartly combined and processed, this data provides highly relevant information for performance and process improvements. With the help of intelligent software, it is possible to combine and analyze data with comparatively little effort. The main challenge is to recognize the value of the data for individual use cases.

Data analytics is not just data analytics. There are many different ways to make data useful for you. The possibilities vary in scope and goal, but also in their complexity. While the visualization of real-time data for reporting purposes is a relatively simple application, data can also be used as the basis for machine learning processes, for example, to predict the failure of machines with the help of artificial intelligence. No matter which application you choose: The NEONEX implementation approach remains the same. With the help of our process knowledge and structured approach, specially developed software and strong partners, we mine the data gold together with you.


KPI Tracking & Business Intelligence

In this simple form of data analytics, data is used to calculate and visually prepare relevant key performance indicators. The KPIs are used to control individual processes in day-to-day business.

The preparation of real-time data represents one of the basic principles of Industry 4.0 and digitization and is therefore a central component in almost all NEONEX transformation projects (see image gallery). Small, independent entry-level projects in production and supply chain also lend themselves to the field.

Exemplary applications are:

  • Automated creation of reports
  • Visual real-time representation of processes and performance on the store floor with dashboards & drill-down analyses

Operations-Analytics & Process Mining

In this area, data is used to analyze the efficiency of processes and value streams and to issue optimization recommendations. In contrast to the previous application, the focus of Operation Analytics & Process Mining is not on building supporting tools for everyday work. Rather, the analysis is intended to create holistic transparency and uncover correlations in order to fundamentally change processes once or following certain cycles.

In many places, the systematic evaluation of value streams provides the basis for significant improvements and savings. With specially developed software for automated value stream analysis, we can work with you to uncover potential quickly and in an application-oriented manner. In the supply chain area, too, a systematic evaluation of process data can create transparency and efficiency, e.g. in order to plan inventories more sensibly.

Exemplary applications are:

  • Analysis of the value stream for setting up control systems (ERP/MES)
  • Analysis of the supply chain for risk assessment of critical resources
  • Analysis and improvement of intralogistics flows

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Why do we have 20% scrap? When should I expect my critical machine to fail? With the help of statistical models, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence applications help you find solutions to individual, complex problems. The influence of the input variables on the result is unclear at the beginning and only becomes apparent through the analysis.

Results from Advanced Analytics applications become real "eye-openers". Algorithms allow us to find solutions to your problems, even though they seemed unsolvable before due to many potential influencing variables. With partners like niologic and Plus10 we have strong tech support on our side in this area.

Exemplary applications are:

  • Improving quality or increasing OEE by identifying disturbance variables in the entire value-added process.
  • Use of robots in logistics thanks to fully automated image processing
  • Predictive maintenance to forecast machine failures

NEONEX Success Factors

Whether to support you in your daily work, to solve a complex performance problem or as a basis for far-reaching value stream planning: The power of data provides the key to your success for numerous applications in the direct and indirect areas.

The data you need usually comes from your ERP, ME and other systems as well as plants and is therefore already available. You only need to provide us with this data - with our know-how in structuring and processing, you will already be able to take a big step forward in a short time.

From the identification of potentials to the acquisition and analysis of data to the presentation of results and implementation of improvements: We accompany you individually to the extent required in each case. You can rely on our end-2-end process and industry knowledge, in-depth experience in data analytics and our strong partners for AI & Machine Learning.

Our approach

Data Analytics applies various analytics methods to data sources in the production environment to achieve rapid and sustainable performance improvements for you with minimal effort. To do this, we use the pragmatic CRISP DM approach to understand your processes and achieve optimal results regardless of the data situation.

Create value from your existing data now

Whether you are facing a complex challenge and wondering if it can be solved with the help of data analytics or if you would like to implement initial pilot projects to test the potential of data: Feel free to contact our data analytics experts for a no-obligation initial consultation and start creating value from your data.

Simon Klink, Principal
Your contact

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