The Stuttgart-based management consultancy NEONEX is supporting the E.G.O. Group (E.G.O.), internationally active supplier for manufacturers of household appliances, in the implementation of the global transformation program 'Factory X'. The aim of the project is a digitalized and connected value creation system that will ensure the company's competitiveness in the coming years. At the E.G.O. Oberderdingen (Germany), Lódz (Poland) and Cerkno (Slovenia) plants, smart factory potential analyses are now being carried out.

After the consultants from NEONEX have completed all the necessary preparations for the smart factory in the first step together with the E.G.O. project team. Project Team have made all the necessary preparations for the implementation of the transformation project, a standardized qualification program was carried out together and the vision and mission for the program were defined.

On this basis, the management consultancy is analyzing the potential for digitalization use cases at the Oberderdingen, Lodz and Cerkno plants together with management and process managers from E.G.O. as part of the smart factory potential analysis. In addition, manufacturing analytics applications will be identified in Oberderdingen. All documented potentials will then be coordinated between all twelve international production sites of the E.G.O. Group. In parallel, the experts are working with the E.G.O. Project Team to assess the future viability of the existing IT architecture of all the group's plants in order to determine whether the identified use cases can be mapped in this architecture. The Connectivity and Resilience Check also examines machine connectivity as well as the resilience and adaptability of the group's existing IT systems. Finally, together with Blanc & Fischer IT Services GmbH, the IT service provider of the E.G.O. Group, the consultants evaluate the existing options for future-proof data management. Based on the results of these comprehensive analyses, NEONEX is developing a concept for a digital factory together with the EGO project managers. This contains use cases to be implemented and a modern IT architecture to ensure efficient processes in the future, to record and store data from production and logistics and to make it available for transparency and analyses at any time.

"The entire E.G.O. management team is motivated to break new digital ground in the 'Factory X' project. Between the plants, we thus enable new opportunities for collaboration and promote further synergies . We are pleased to have found experienced experts in NEONEX to support us in this."
"In volatile and dynamic times, the need for the digital transformation of German industrial companies is becoming increasingly clear in order to survive in international competition. As a globally active player, E.G.O. is taking the initiative and leading the way with the 'Factory X' program. We look forward to tackling this transformation process together and actively helping to shape it."

After performing the analyses, the project team will assess the extent to which the identified use cases can be supported in an MES system. The management consultancy will also support the MES selection & implementation. After successful implementation of the identified use cases (including MES), the solutions will subsequently be rolled out worldwide in the plants of the E.G.O. Group.

NEONEX accompanies industrial and B2B companies as a management consultancy in the digital transformation of their operations. It was founded in 2017 by Thomas Rohrbach (Managing Director & Co-Founder), Dr. Jochen Schlick (Senior Partner & Co-Founder) and Dr. Peter Stephan (Senior Partner & Co-Founder) in Stuttgart. The company develops and implements customized strategies and realistic concepts for production and supply chain of medium-sized companies and global players. The consultants of NEONEX support those responsible in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation in securing their long-term competitiveness through the intelligent combination of people, technologies and processes. The Stuttgart-based company has around 28 employees and is active in Europe, America and Asia.

About E.G.O.
The E.G.O. Group (E.G.O.), headquartered in Oberderdingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is considered one of the world's leading suppliers to manufacturers of household appliances. It all began more than 95 years ago when company founder Karl Fischer developed the first electric hotplate suitable for series production. But "inner values" made by E.G.O. are not only contained in the stove, but also in washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators or many other household appliances and commercial machines. The supplier covers four different fields of activity with its technologies and products: Heating, Controlling, Converting and Connecting. Worldwide, around 6,000 employees work for E.G.O. in 23 sales and production companies in 19 countries. Their drive: Innovations that make people's everyday lives easier, create benefits and conserve natural resources at the same time. The company generated sales of 805 million euros in 2022. More information on the website