Dear customers, dear partners, dear employees,

"Raider is now Twix - nothing else changes". This advertising slogan from 1991, used for the Rebranding of Raider in Germany (which was called Twix everywhere else except there), left its mark on my late youth. If you are from Germany or lived there at the time, you are most likely to remember the ad, right?

When we founded NEONEX in 2017, Twix had also long been called Twix in Germany. But what wasn't yet clear was how management consultancies could support manufacturing companies in their digital transformation. Accordingly, the first five years of NEONEX were characterized by new experiences - which we also wanted to make explicit.

After five years of experience and successful projects with great customers, we want to take the next step with NEONEX, which our new slogan makes more than clear:

True Industrial Performance

But what does that mean for you? Our goal at NEONEX is to strengthen our customers' competitiveness by providing future-oriented, functional answers to challenges in the overall operations area. We do this by focusing on what we do best:

  • Smart Factory Planning
  • Digitization of your end-2-end value stream
  • Connected Supply Chain
  • Quick Wins with IIOT and
  • Manufacturing Analytics.

In our approach, we combine LEAN and DIGITAL - resulting in digitized, optimal processes for your competitive advantage. But real performance also means that we deliver measurable results - an ambitious step, but one that is only fair to our customers.

With this focus, we are also introducing a new logo that echoes our slogan in English. What remains is our X in NEONEX: Digital, Innovative and Performance Oriented.

I look forward to taking this next step with you and our employees. Will you join us?

Many greetings and an inspired start into the new year,
Yours, Thomas Rohrbach