Thanks to the support of NEONEX we could gain valaubale insights on possible and applicable digital communication approaches. Within a set of workshops together we developed a fact-based and customer-centric initital concept, that will be used as a basis for decisions on future digital events.


Due to the cancellation of several trade fairs KARL MAYER had to come up with new and modern sales channels to highlight its market leadership. KARL MAYER decided to get some neutral advice from NEONEX in order to properly assess multiple digital approaches available on the market.

The project consisted of an Ad-Hoc analysis of possible digital sales channels, that were then included in an initial concept for further assessment.

First it was analyzed, what sales channels were in use so far and what kind of alternative solutions there are. For this reason the approach of the project team, in a joint effort, was to match the requirements of sales with the ones of the target group.

Within the initial concept, it was presented what digital sales channels could replace the offline activities or deliver a significant improvement into the process.

To ensure an efficient analysis and set up a flexible project approach various digital tools were being used throughout the whole project, digital survey tool or a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming within the project team.

The evaluation of various digital approaches was made possible thanks to mini Design Thinking sprints. Selected technology providers helped the team gain the needed insights, so that the workshop could be concluded with a presentation of an initial concept.

The concept included an overview on selected and analyzed digital channels with recommendations on technology providers and inspirations for the marketing activities.

Benefits for KARL MAYER

Presentation of applicable approaches for the digital communication
Evaluation of possible solution providers including budget estimation
Customer Journey concept with possibilities for marketing integration
Generating understanding on digital sales activities with an online internal survey