Industry 4.0: The digital revolution

Industry is in its fourth revolution. After mechanization, assembly line production and computer-controlled automation, the focus is now on Industry 4.0. This term, coined by the German government, is now used as an umbrella term for the change in industrial production against the backdrop of the Digital Transformation of our society.

In this context, the digital transformation fulfills a dual function for companies. First, global networking through the Internet and new technical possibilities for manufacturing are leading to a more demanding market environment. This is characterized by increased customer requirements, diversity of variants, global competition and high volatility.

At the same time, technical systems resulting from the digital transformation offer the possibility to master the complexity of the grown value creation system and to meet the changed market conditions better than ever before. NEONEX helps to design, select and implement these systems with Industry 4.0 consulting.

The need for Industry 4.0 is based on...

Increasing customer requirements

High diversity of variants

Global competition

High complexity

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Companies

The Digital Transformation is fundamentally changing manufacturing companies because information and knowledge can be brought into flow with each other through the information technology networking of production facilities, components and assemblies, and people. In the resulting intelligent factory, the Smart Factory, communication takes place primarily at the digital level. This creates an unprecedented transparency. This affects both the value-creating and all indirect processes of the company.

In this context, Industrie 4.0 results in considerable advantages compared to conventional production - first of all in terms of cost reduction, flexibility and increased efficiency. Modern IT systems can plan the available resources better and more dynamically. Humans can thus be relieved, decisions can be made more quickly, and the continuous improvement process can be massively accelerated. The complexity costs of value creation can be reduced by up to 70% thanks to digital transformation, according to studies.

In addition, the Internet reduces the distance to the customer, which on the one hand opens up new sales channels and on the other hand can massively reduce complexity and overhead in order processing.

By reducing the workload in indirect processes and speeding up order processing, management can focus its attention on the market and, here too, on the basis of the transparency provided by the Internet, react better and faster to opportunities that arise, changing markets and external threats.

Particularly in the case of major change processes, external support is of fundamental importance. If only to have a partner who reflects on one's own behaviors. As a manager, I need someone who can also show me my blind spots. Who is a sparring partner for me and provides a sounding board without having any of his own shares in the game. Such differentiated and constructive feedback helps immensely.

Our Industry 4.0 consulting

So how can you go about holding your own against global competition, keeping pace with change and ultimately ensuring your company's success? After all, the digital transformation of your company can only be successful if a culture of transparency and agility based on it is established in your company.

We support you as an implementation-oriented management consultancy with the goal of significantly improving the performance of your company through digitalization & automation of your factories and supply chains. To achieve this, we support you holistically in the qualification of your employees, the formulation of your digitization strategies and in the implementation of your measures - or in smaller individual solutions, individually and tailored to your needs.

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