What is the content?

Develop digitally enhanced business models for after sales service together with our experts.

When does our offer suits you?

From a technological point of view, approaches to the subject of predictive maintenance, condition monitoring or telematics are available in your company. However, this range of services is difficult to market because the customer value and the conditions of use are unclear. This makes the pricing, the design and the distribution as good as impossible.

How does our performance become your profit?

Our Bootcamp "Business Models" offers you the opportunity to develop solutions and pricing models for your After Sales area. Our external view on your products and our targeted approach will save you time and money through the entertaining bootcamp: Your internal innovation power will be multiplied, and by accelerating the generation of innovation you will also reduce your innovation costs. Your technical solution generates a customer added value: Invention turns into innovation. You thereby increase the possibility of sales growth and market expansion, positioning yourself strongly against your competitors.

What can you expect?

Before you take part in the bootcamp, we will prepare it especially for you: We collect facts and information about your customers and their services. We determine the added value of the customer systematically, build up hypotheses on customer benefit and check them.
In the seminar we present you this fact collection and plan a session for the creative idea generation. Using the Design Thinking method, we identify approaches to innovative business models, build prototypes, and plan an iteration loop for customization. These approaches are verified based on previous hypotheses to selected customer representatives, so you know after the boot camp if and how the approaches are applicable.


Dr. Jochen Schlick, Senior Partner & Co-Founder
Dr. Jochen Schlick
Senior Partner & Co-Founder


40.000,- EUR


15-30 Consulting Days


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